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Subbed Recomen 070531: Calling Yasu

Finally a new release after a long absence! Yoko and Hina calling Sho-chan and asking him about his solo song "Watashi Kagami".

Thanks to paaaaan for allowing me to use her translation.

I only put download link for MF since MU being such a pain to me lately. Please tell me if you need it uploaded on another server.

MF Link and MU Link

Watch it online here and here


PS: The next release will have all members! YaY!

Edit: Adding MU link thanks to ohmiya_sg

Subbed Recomen 070628: Calling Maru-chan

Sorry I haven't posted any subbed for a long time. My laptop was being "hospitalized" before and life's been quite hectic for me.

So now I brought you the subbed version of 28th June Recomen, in which Maru didn't answer the phone call (it's new images! since I felt rather guilty for the long absence >_<).

Here's the link for MU and MF or anyone who'd only like to watch it on Youtube. As always, thanks to daisy_jp for her translation.

For me, this radio session really shows how much Yoko cares about K8 members. He probably always bully them since he's the oldest, but when Maru didn't answer the call and received a lot of complains, it's obvious that he worried that fans might misunderstand Maru and went as far as calling him with his mobile when he's supposed to be working and hosting the radio show. I love this side of Yoko.

Not to mention I love how Maru just being plain ignorant which shows that the whole things happened accidentally and therefore, he didn't feel guilty at all about the whole incident.

Well then, Enjoy!

Subbed Recomen 070621 Ryo's Part

Here's the last part of 21st June 2007 Recomen in which they called Ryo.

Sorry for the delay, I've been busy last week.

As usual, thanks to daisy_jp for allowing me to use the translation.

Without further ado, here's the MU link or watch it at Youtube.


Subbed Recomen 070621 Subaru's Part

Recomen 21th June 2007 with Hina & Yoko calling Subaru.

I love these guys interaction! Listening to their conversation over and over again, I could feel their love for one another.

Yoko basically interrogating Subaru like a concern onii-chan (or a jealous girlfriend LOL idek), and Yoko+Hina just seems like parents that worry about their daughter yet at the same time happy that their daughter finally got a date *is shot*.

MU for download or watch it at YouTube 1|2
Of course, many thanks to daisy_jp for allowing me to use her translation.

I'm sorry if there are some parts of the audio and the sub that unsynchronized, they all talk too fast that I could barely keep up (especially Hina, his MCing skill is scary).

Subbed Recomen 070621 Okura's Part

Hi everyone!

I made subbed version of the June 21, 2007 Recomen where Yoko and Hina called Okura.


Thank you very much to daisy_jp for allowing me to use her translation.

You can download it from MU or watch it at Youtube 1|2

I'm planning on doing the others' part too and hopefully I can upload it every week.




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